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House Family Poem
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House Family Poem
Written September 2003
By Renea House Taylor
As I look back on the House family,
Many fond memories I do see.
Sewing, cooking, and reading with Ma.
Gardening, camping, and learning from Pa.
Words like dreckly, reckon, and yonder,
Being with them was absolute wonder.
He and she fussing and loving all the same.
Neither one ever taking the blame.
The tornado Ma feared.
As she moved me room to room.
All this while I slept,
to keep me from the doom.
The rats Pa would shoot at
rang an echo in my ear.
Cursing and swearing them
as if they could hear.
Watermelon with the cousins-
at the picnic table under the tree.
Hey you boys
Save some for me!
Hide and seek was also fun,
out in the Carpenters Bluff sun.
Oh, and the party line we listened in on!
Walking down to Tooties store,
never even seemed like a chore.
The hundreds of eggs at Easter
and Sunday gatherings I dare not forget,
mounds of presents at Christmas
and little PeeWee the nicest pet.
Swimming under the bridge
jumping off that narrow ridge.
The dirt road we often traveled
only to get Mr. Allenbaugh raveled.
Fourth of July where we received
a cigarette to light our fireworks-
or so they believed!
All the celebrations that families do,
are close to my heart so dear and true.
I know they are watching from above.
This day is so, because it started with their love.