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I Remember When.....
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I Remember When.....
I remember Pa buying (2) baby pigs every year and we all would name them & feed then until slaughter time.  He and Jr. would go outside with shot guns & all us kids would go in the house & hold our ears until it was over.
I remember when Daddy would go out and get drunk, he would get thrown in jail and to make it up to Momma he would buy her something expensive like dining room table.
Betty Sue


I remember Sunday dinners with the whole family.  All of Ma & Pa's kids with their kids.  How the adults ate first then we did.  Now as the adults we still eat last.  For some dumb reason we feed our children first.  It must be love.

As kids sometimes we were a little mischievous, Cynthia and myself would snick around Pat's house.  We would tap on windows and spy on her.  It would make her so mad.  I know it sounds silly but it was fun when we were kids.